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January 2015) Intimate partner violence is defined as violence between legally married, separated, divorced, common-law partners (current and former), dating partners (current and former) and other intimate partners.Dating partners include boyfriends/girlfriends (current and former) and other intimate partners (whom the victim had a sexual relationship or mutual sexual attraction but were not considered to be a boyfriend/girlfriend). On Wednesday night, the hottest ticket in town was the weekly card game at the New London Hall.Cuthbert, the star of several major films and television shows, who has propelled the engagement onto Hollywood gossip sites.Marriage ceremonies in Canada can be either civil or religious.Marriages may be performed by members of the clergy, marriage commissioners, judges, justices of the peace or clerks of the court, depending on the laws of each province and territory regulating marriage solemnization.In contrast, thirty years earlier, in 1981, 60.9% of the population aged 15 and over was married, while 39.1% was unmarried.The provinces with the largest shares of the population aged 15 and over that were married in 2011 were Newfoundland and Labrador (52.9%), Prince Edward Island (51.7%), Ontario (50.3%) and Alberta (50.2%).

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Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of the Island’s pigtailed heroine, was born in a house at the crossroads. Lucy Maud may still draw the tour buses, but New London’s most famous living resident is Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, who spends much of the off-season on his vast waterfront property here.In addition, a higher proportion of people live in common-law unions than in the past—either as a relatively shorter-term relationship prior to marriage or as a longer-term alternative, as well as a fairly large share of young adults who live in the parental home, most of whom have never been married.The population pyramids of the marital status categories for 19 show not only the changing age structure of the population but also the shifting concentrations of marital states.Specifically, in 2011 there was a smaller population that was married in the younger to middle adult years combined with a larger population of middle-aged to older adults that was never-married, divorced or separated compared to 1981 (Figure 1).

Among the population that was never married, there was a large increase in the proportions for those in their twenties and thirties in 2011 compared to 1981.In 2001, the majority of Canadian marriages (76.4%) were religious, with the remainder (23.6%) being performed by non-clergy.