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But it is honestly, the most important thing you will ever do.

And always walk your date to the door at the end of the night.

As the girls look at different relationships in their lives and share personal stories and perspectives, readers will learn how they resolve conflict, what their dreams are for the future, how they approach dating, and much more.

Melissa Morgan's female intuition sensed something about this new parishioner, a huge muscular black man named Reggie Johnson, which made her very uneasy.

Her husband, Bill, failed to notice Reggie make his way beside her, all the way from across the chapel, during church services.

As much as I want that lucky girl to be the perfect girl for him, I also want him to be prepared for her. Your father & I will make sure you always have money for your dates.

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I recently stumbled across this love note from Sara to her young son.

When we feel happy, we tend to notice things that will make us happy.