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14-Sep-2017 11:59

Some more things that remain the same: I won't answer. I won't accept voice or video calls unless I'm expecting them. And if you need to know where I am for some reason, ask me to add you to one of the circles I share my location with on Google . I have a Facebook account, but I only ever use it for work.

I'll let it go to voicemail, and NEVER listen to the message. If you want to phone me, here's what you do: Don't. You'll either need an appointment (set up via email or IM), or the situation must make the purpose of your call obvious (like I'm supposed to meet you somewhere, but you can't find me, or something). I won't post anything personal there, or anything that doesn't at least indirectly relate to one of my businesses or organisations.

I don't want to mute you, rather send me an email and I'll pick up your message at the appropriate time.

If you do, I'll probably mute you until the next day.

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The rest of the time it'll be answered by one of my staff, not by me. I have several email addresses, none of which are hard to find. If you want to get in touch with me, pick your favourite email address of mine and send it a message. It may be immediately, or it may be a few days later. I use two IM networks: Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. When it comes to Hangouts, I rely on you guys to respect my boundaries: Try not to send me work-related stuff on my days off.