Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

26-Jan-2018 18:11

These players have something in common that you might not realize – they have all heavily invested in security.

This week we discuss and look into Digi Cert's acquisition of Symantec's certificate authority business unit, Log Me In's Last Pass Premium price hike, the troubling case of Marcus Hutchins' post-Defcon arrest, another instance of Wanna Cry-style SMBv1 propagation, this week's horrific Io T example, some hopeful Io T legislation, the consequences of rooting early Amazon Echoes, the drip drip drip of Wikileaks Vault 7 drips again, Mozilla's VERY interesting easy-to-use secure large file encrypted store and forward service, the need to know what your VPN service is really up to, a bit of errata, miscellany, and some closing-the-loop feedback from our always-attentive terrific listeners.Sometimes we'll talk about long-standing problems, concerns, or solutions. Receive an automatic e Mail reminder whenever a new episode is posted here (from Change Detection.com). Send us your feedback: Use the form at the bottom of the page to share your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for future episodes.Either way, every week we endeavor to produce something interesting and important for every personal computer user. Leo also produces "This Week in Tech" (TWi T) and a number of other very popular podcasts (TWi T is America's most listened to podcast!Conditions of trust, real or expected, are essential for digital economies to grow and prosper.

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As more organizations rely on cloud service providers, partner responsibilities for security must be well understood and comprehensive. We’ve seen it over and over again: the parade of companies and government agencies announcing the impact of their latest breach.The main goal of their research was to test open-source bioinformatics software commonly used by researchers to analyze DNA data for security flaws, and to …