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28-Aug-2017 21:17

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Within the business analysis community, the debate still reigns about whether how the application will look and how the screens will be laid out is technically part of requirements or design. The right question is “When is the most effective time to introduce visual prototypes into your requirements process? I’ve worked on teams where the user interface wireframes or prototypes, coupled with some textual rules, formed the main body of functional requirements.

I’ve also worked on teams where the prototypes were thrown away or merely used to capture representative screen shots.

It’s important to keep these wireframes very rudimentary, separating out look-and-feel to focus on the basic concepts to be introduced with the application.

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For a successful delivery of the best quality product, the requirements should be in its best place.

In requirement management system, all the needs of the user are considered for the core and managed in a proper system.