Wheesung and gummy dating

27-Jul-2017 09:21

Song's been charting quite well since it's release. Gummy took home the final trophy on the June 28 Park Shi Choon special of 'Immortal Song 2'!

The singer, who recently signed with C-Je S Entertainment, covered the 1967 hit that was also composer Park Shi Choon's last song, "The Windmill that Doesn't Turn".

The answer lies with the alert netizens who have been digging up the dirt on Ivy.

Puzzle Piece 1: Wheesung talked about his ex who cheated on him for 8 months on a radio show last month.

Yoo for harassing and trying to blackmail Ivy for money.

) brought her success and recognition and led Gummy to win the Bonsang at the 19th Golden Disk Awards.

While he was pouring his heart out, Wheesung mentioned that his ex (Ivy) always wore a ring on her thumb and when he asked her about it, she said that her mom gave it to her.

But later on, he found out that the ring on her thumb was in fact a couple ring. Yoo (thumb ring guy) was trying to sell a movie script based on his own life with a double timing singer (aka Ivy). Yoo’s way of getting back at Ivy after he supposedly caught her and Wheesung k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a car.

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(Not that you would ever want to...) I have a huge obsession with Korean Pop music and I thought I would use this as a place to record everything and anything I want about t...Supposedly, Wheesung suffered from severe depression when he found out about Ivy’s naughty behavior and had to undergo psychological treatment to get over her. The poor man had even produced and wrote some of the songs on her 2nd album, “A Sweet Moment.” Ah. Such a story out in the public would be very damaging to Ivy’s “wholesome” image.So, when Ivy’s management company caught wind of this, they turned the tables by holding a press conference and built a story by pointing the finger at Mr.Within five minutes since the first report went out, Jo Jeong Seok and Gummy confirmed that they are indeed in a relationship.

Jo Jeong Seok′s agency, Culture Depot, told Newsen, "Jo Jeong Seok and Gummy are currently in a relationship," and "We don′t know for sure how long, but they are dating well." "Jo Jeong Seok and Gummy have been friends for a really long time before becoming a couple.

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