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That's right, you are a warrior, an unwavering beast waiting to be unleashed into continued massacre.

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Might have been changed since I last played, though. Go ahead and register a new account or login to a current one already made.Please post in the correct forums and be kind and respectful to others!Tree of Life(Shapeshift); Tree of Life(Shapeshift)Moonkin Form ( powershifting when pressing CTRL)#showtooltip Moonkin Form(Shapeshift)/equip Idol of the Raven Goddess/cast [modifier:ctrl] !

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Moonkin Form(Shapeshift); Moonkin Form(Shapeshift)#showtooltip Feral Charge/equip Idol of the Raven Goddess/cancelaura [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form/cast [nostance] Dire Bear Form; [stance:1, target=focus, exists] Feral Charge/target focus/cast Feral Charge/targetlasttarget#showtooltip Lifebloom/equip Idol of the Emerald Queen/cast Lifebloom(Rank 1)#showtooltip Regrowth/equip Idol of the Crescent Goddess/cast Regrowth(Rank 10)#showtooltip Rejuvenation/equip Harold's Rejuvenating Broach/cast Rejuvenation(Rank 13#showtooltip Healing Touch/equip Idol of the Avian Heart/cast Healing Touch(Rank 13)#showtooltip Wrath/equip Idol of the Avenger/cast Wrath(Rank 10)#showtooltip Moonfire/equip Idol of the Unseen Moon/cast Moonfire(Rank 12)#showtooltip Starfire(Rank 8)/equip Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess/cast Starfire(Rank 8)#showtooltip Shred(Rank 7)/equip Everbloom Idol/cast Shred(Rank 7)#showtooltip Rip(Rank 7)/equip Idol of Feral Shadows/cast Rip(Rank 7)#showtooltip Rake/equip Idol of Savagery/cast Rake(Rank 5)#showtooltip Maim(Rank 1)/equip Idol of the Claw/cast Maim(Rank 1)#showtooltip Lacerate(Rank 1)/equip Idol of Ursoc/cast Lacerate(Rank 1)#showtooltip Ferocious Bite(Rank 6)/equip Idol of the Claw/cast Ferocious Bite(Rank 6)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feel free to share yours and I'll add them.

My Char is a level 60 Tauren warrior called Pangobos. The stat differences have little effect later on in the game.